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Summer Sckool

by Wy Counterman

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A pop-rock hybrid, Wyatt's newest album features a collection of upbeat, catchy tracks and smooth, chill ones as well. The songs are piano-driven with heavy drums and rely on more obscure instrumentation and sound to add texture.

[Explicit Lyrics - Tracks 1, 2, and 3]

Love, loneliness, self-discovery, and responsibility are a few things that you won't learn in school. And thus, here is "Summer Sckool", where Wyatt showcases the things that school won't teach you.


released July 15, 2016

Musicians (in order of appearance):
Wyatt Counterman - lead vocals, keyboard, drums, bass, ukulele and percussion on all songs
Kathryn Ellis - vocals on "Let's Be Lonely"
Jacob Mitchell - vocals on "Amtrak Ride" and "Broke" & the scream on "I Don't"
Mary Beth Arendash - backup vocals on "Broke"

All tracks on this album are original songs
Lyrics by Wyatt Counterman (except "Amtrak Ride" lyrics by Jacob Mitchell)
All tracks composed, arranged, recorded, edited, mixed, and produced by Wyatt Counterman
Album artwork by Mary Beth Arendash of A Thousand Words Photography

(C) 2016



all rights reserved


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Wyatt Counterman Kalamazoo, Michigan

Wyatt Counterman is an 19 year old musician, singer, rapper, and producer from Kalamazoo, MI.

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Track Name: Let's Be Lonely (feat. Kathryn Ellis)
[Wyatt Counterman]
I used to hold your hand
At the end of Kingston drive
Up until you said goodbye
We used to stay up late
Til you fell asleep on me
And we woke between the sheets

Now every time I read your name
On my Twitter feed, I can barely breathe
You still got a hold on me baby
I hate to admit that I can’t sleep
‘cause I think of you, and I’m missing you
You’re still the girl of my dreams

But let’s be lonely together
It don’t matter whether
We’re better like this
Or we feel like shit
It’s better that we’re lonely

[Kathryn Ellis]
You used to be the man
Who I couldn’t live without
And I didn’t have a doubt
But then you broke my heart
And you let me get away
Why’d you let me get away?

[Wyatt Counterman]
Now every time I see your face
Out around the town, I keep my head down
You still got a hold on me baby
I hate to admit that I can’t sleep
‘cause I think of you, and I’m missing you
You’re always the girl of my dreams


But I don’t wanna be
Just another scene
In your past
That didn’t last
‘Cause I just wanna be
Everything you see
When you close your eyes

[Chorus] x2
Track Name: Broke (feat. Jacob Mitchell & Mary Beth Arendash)
Say what!
We have no idea what we're saying yet
No words yet
Thinking up some lyrics
In the intro - uh huh - doing some lyrics
Uh, wait I think I got something
Alright man, I'll follow your lead

[Hook: Wyatt Counterman, Mary Beth Arendash, and Jacob Mitchell]
I have no money but I look pretty dope
Just lost my twenty so I guess that I'm broke

[Verse 1: Wyatt]
Yeah okay
They tell me every day that I need to be cheerful
How the hell does that work when I have the whole year full
Of gas, food, hobbies, and my college tuition
They all tell me to talk but then they say that I'm bitchin'
Well, sorry sir, sorry ma'am, you don't understand
You see, twice a year I have to write a check for six grand
You tell me "stop complaining" but we ain't on the same page
Look, I work a job that gives me minimum wage
I stock all the shelves and then I help the old ladies
They even make me hear trashy songs from the 80's
I'm sorry to say it, but that's cruel and unusual
Punishments I'm dealing with, rather be in a cubicle
But I'll always be broke, I'm in the college of arts
I'll make almost nothing, but I'll win lots of hearts
Yeah, it's a dumb dumb decision, I know
And now I'm debt from my head to my toes

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Jacob]
You see that box on the side of the road?
Over there, yeah that, that's the place I call home
I got a cardboard chair and a cardboard bed
And the ceiling's so low I always hit my damn head
My girlfriend tells me that I need a real house
She's done fooling around on my cardboard couch
I'm sorry there babe, but you know I can't do that
The people at the bank said I'm broke - I said screw that
I'm a broke-ass man, check my broke-ass wallet
I got broke-ass friends or whatever you call it
I got loans out my ass because I went off to college
I'm just glad I'm not a *beer can opening* alcoholic
I'm sorry that I can't always buy you nice things
Like big fancy necklaces and nice diamond rings
But don't give up on me, one day I'll be rich
And I guess if I'm not, then life is a bitch

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Jacob/Wyatt]
New car / Can't afford it
Ramen noodles / I adore it
Student loans / That sucks
My wallet / Two bucks
Got a girlfriend / That's good
But I live / In the hood
No one pays me / That's life
And I'm lazy / Damn right! (x2)

[Hook x2]
Track Name: Afternoon
You give me that look and I don't know what to do
Got them big green eyes so beautiful
My heart beats faster and faster, girl
Can we meet up this afternoon?
Can't stop thinkin' 'bout you and me
And the way you kiss and the way you breathe
And the way you make me wait for you
Wait for me

I've been waiting for you
Don't make me wait no more
I just wanna see you
In the afternoon


Don't give me that look, girl
With them puppy dog eyes, it's no fuckin' surprise
That you always get your way
Yeah, you always get your way
I can't ever say no, girl
'Cause I'm head over heels, don't you know how that feels
And I don't know what to say
When you look at me that way



I promise that I'll never go and cheat on you like Tiger did
Come on over and I'll kiss you upside-down like Spiderman
You always make me feel better, you're a fuckin' vitamin
And every time I'm out with you, you know that I am buying shit
'Cause when we at the mall, girl I know you want it all
You want everything hanging, floor to ceiling, wall to wall
I'm right here, you need me you can just give me a call
But if it don't hurt now, could it ever hurt at all?

Track Name: Make You Smile
I'd do anything to make you smile
On the days when you're sad and hurt
I'd do anything to make you smile
And I'll try and try until it works

I'll take you out for ice cream
And I wouldn't make you pay
I'd buy you all the toppings
On your hot fudge sundae
We can play your favorite games
And I'll even let you win
Because every time you lose
I know it gets under your skin

I'll tell you terrible jokes
So bad they might make you cry
Baby I'll do whatever it takes
I'd do anything to make you smile

Track Name: I Don't
I don't wanna be here, I don't wanna be lonely
I just want you tonight, you're my one and only
I don't want no one else, don't want anybody
No material things, I don't need any money
And you don't know what I'm going through
And I don't know what to do
I've been so messed up without you

And when it gets cold I don't want to be alone
And when it's dark outside I just want to be by your side
'Cause I don't, I don't, I don't, I don't
I don't, I don't, I don't want to be alone

Instrumental Hook

I had a dream come true, it was you, it was you, it was you
And now my dream come true is really coming true
And now I'm standing here and holding your hand in mine
And it makes me see what I think of all the time
That this right here is what I want
And without it I'd be lost
I'd be so messed up without you


Instrumental Hook

Next to you is where I want to be
Come and put your head here next to me
Next to you is where I want to be
Come and put your head here next to me

Track Name: Please
I wish you knew the way that I felt
With you last night, you get me so well
The look in your eyes and the way that you smile
I forget how to breathe -- make me feel like a child

I can't believe that I've gotten this far
Now all I need is your heart
Please don't give up on me
And I won't give up on you

Baby, you know just how it feels
Your hand wrapped in mine; a feeling for real
The touch of your lips; a cold summer night
A feeling like this; a feeling so right

I can't believe that I've gotten this far
Now all I need is your heart
Please don't give up on me
And I won't give up on you

Well I'm sitting and I'm waiting
For the day I'll stop complaining
Saying I deserve a genie in a bottle
And the wait is almost over
Now you're grabbing on my shoulder
Holding tight, it's like I finally won the lotto

Track Name: The Guys
Last night we went crazy
There's footprints on the wall
How does that even happen?
I guess it don't really matter at all
Did you see where my shirt went?
I don't remember even taking it off
Has anybody seen Jacob?
... no? Well I guess that he's lost

It was 3 am
We were still going strong
Singing "now that we're men"
Our favorite Spongebob song

Waking up on the floor
And we're really not sure
Where we are but it's all okay
Trashed the house, made a mess
But we're all so blessed
That we're crazy in all ways
It's a heterosexual romance
Oh, just another night out with the guys

We really shouldn't text exes
Well maybe just one
I think we woke up the neighbors
But damn it was fun
Playing Xbox, waiting til the sun drops
Might run out of food but the party's not gon' stop
Getting tired, light things on fire
Doing anything our hearts will desire


Guys night out, I'mma pick up the food
No girls allowed, we ain't got any room
No one's sad, no one's singing the blues
We got red Solo cups filled with plenty of boo- (water)
Love all my guys, yeah I swear it's no homo
His sister is hot but keep that on the low low
You know we're insane, yeah we're bout to go loco
The only rule here is obeying the bro code

Track Name: Float Away
With your lipstick on my face
And your footprints as you walked away
I can't forget anything that we did, that we did
Now I'm waiting, watching clocks,
Being patient, hoping that I can make it
Til I see you again, again

Oh tell me where did you go
Did I do something wrong, did I mess something up
Oh just an evening alone
Did I let you slip through my finger and thumb

If you let me go
Away I'll float
'Cause every time I try to talk to you
I feel like I am losing oxygen
Don't let go
Never let go of me
I'll float away

One day you're saying you miss me
Next you say nothing at all
One day you can't get enough babe
But you won't return my call
I feel like I'm floating away
Out of sight, out of mind, out of touch
And there's nothing that I can do
So I guess its up to you


You're out of my league
I'm out of my mind
I'm pushing my luck
You're waving goodbye
I'm making mistakes
But you're just fine
You're just fine (x2)

Track Name: Jetski
I just wanna ride on a jetski
With you, with you
Hold you in my arms screaming "yes please"
Ooh, ooh
I know that you're trying to test me
I do, I do
If you ever let me down, do it gently
Ooh, ooh

Feel the waves on your face
And the air in your hair
Don't go slow, it's a race
And we'll ride everywhere
On a lake, in the ocean
Don't matter location
We'll chase down the sunset
And we'll never get off the ride

So you better hold on tight
'Cause I'll never do any better than you


You hate the sun, take my Oakleys
When we ride, we don't do it slowly
Come and enjoy this masterpiece of a day
We're cruising faster and faster
This love's a perfect disaster
Come and enjoy this masterpiece every day

On a lake, in the ocean
Don't matter location
We'll chase down the sunset
And we'll never get off the ride

So you better hold on tight
'Cause I'll never do any better than you

Track Name: Amtrak Ride (feat. Jacob Mitchell)
[Jacob Mitchell]
I'm sitting on a train in the rain waiting for the sun
I'm waiting for the raining but the raining doesn't wanna be done
Though I feel like stopping, my jaw's jaw dropping, 'cause I see the trees wave hi
And I wonder if I'm crazy, maybe I'm just lazy and my imagination's letting me down

I don't know how to speak to you
I don't know just what to say
You're right there, don't know what to do
I might just daydream the day away
And I'm so wrong
And I'm so wrong
And I'm so wrong
And I'm so wrong

[Jacob Mitchell]
Our knees touch once and I can feel myself freaking out
I'm trying not to speak cause I'm throwing up in my mouth
You're leaning on my shoulder
The eye of the beholder is telling me we should make out


[Wyatt Counterman]
Train cars are passing
Parents are harassing
And we've only got an hour left
I've got my arm around you
As you take a light snooze
Steal myself a little kiss
I'm losing my heart on an Amtrack ride
And I'm falling hard down a spiraling slide
I think she might be the one