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by Wyatt Counterman

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This is my new album/mixtape featuring my singing debut: a pop hybrid with influences from an eclectic blend of genres including R&B and Reggae. The songs on this album were written about my friends and situations in their lives. It tells stories about the stupid things that we think when we're in love.


released October 6, 2015

Wyatt Counterman - Lead Vocals, Keyboard, Drums, Bass, Ukulele, and Percussion on all songs

Jeff Moehle - Bass on "Stupid"
Anna Stowell - Vocals on "Stuck With Me"
Ryan Collison - Vocals on "Just One Bite"

Tracks composed and arranged by Wyatt Counterman
Lyrics by Wyatt Counterman
Recorded at Lodge Records in Paw Paw, MI
Recording assistance by Sean Campbell
Mixing and editing by Wyatt Counterman
Mixing assistance by Jeff Moehle and Martin Klemm
Album photo taken by Jessie Fales of Epic Fales Photography
Photo editing by Wyatt Counterman
DAW: Cubase 6

(C) 2015 - All content is property of the artist



all rights reserved


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Wyatt Counterman Kalamazoo, Michigan

Wyatt Counterman is an 19 year old musician, singer, rapper, and producer from Kalamazoo, MI.

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Track Name: Stupid
The first time that I met you
You were nothing special
I didn't give a second thought
But now I'm going crazy
Thinkin' 'bout you, baby
My friends all say I need to stop

"Can I get your number?"
Words are hard to tell her
I can't get my mouth to work
I'm terrified to ask you
I really need to ask soon
The window's closing soon, I'm sure

I can't go on living in misery
I need your love, won't you please answer me

She looks perfect in everything
I might buy her a wedding ring
Love is really a crazy thing
Someone help me
Maybe I'm being impractical
I am feeling irrational
She's too good for me, actually...
Someone help me out

Sitting home alone now
Wishing for a night out
But I never made a move
Baby, I'm just upset
Because I just can't express
The feelings that I have for you
And I'm sure that you're fine
Without me in your life
But I'm really just wishing
You were here tonight
I'm out of my mind
And I think that you're fine
Can we chill tonight?
You are my type


Now I'm feeling...
Stupid, stupid
I'm just stupid, stupid
You got me stupid, stupid
Oh, I'm just an idiot

Track Name: Just One Bite (feat. Ryan Collison)
[Verse 1: Wyatt Counterman]
I let you lead me on
I let you play with my head
I said I wanted to be with you
But it was not what I meant
I said I'd always be there for you
I tried to make us work
But now you're out with some other man
At least that's what I've heard

[Hook: Ryan Collison]
I've been up all night
Wishing for one tiny bite
I've been losing sleep
Hoping, praying I can eat
And they all think I'm crazy
But I know that I can make it
Please don't make me wait
Baby, I just want some cake
Oh, I just want some cake, oh

[Verse 2: Wyatt Counterman]
Baby girl, please come down
You sit way up on your cloud
If you think that I'm fooling around
I'mma tell you how I'm feeling right now
I said you're constantly complaining, I just need a little rest
Fake it til you make it, yeah you really know what's best
Baby girl I'm worried, who you trying to impress?
You know you shouldn't settle if it's anything less
Been all over the world in a matter of minutes
Now I'll stay home like an online business
The crime's so sick but nobody's a witness
Now I'm on my toes cause I'm on your hit list
Cupid, get out, just leave me be
You aim so bad I took an arrow to the knee
I just want my cake before I turn into a killer
But I need to look out for the cake eating gorilla


Is it too much?
Too much to ask for?
Is it too much?
Too much to want?
Is it too much?
Too much to ask for?
It's just cake, just cake

Track Name: Stuck With Me (feat. Anna Stowell)
I want to be your sun in the morning
I want to be your coat when it's pouring
I want to be the wind when you're soaring
I want you to know I'm always adoring you
Girl, it's true
No one could ever make me feel the way you do
Girl, it's true
You're stuck with me and I hope I'm stuck with you

[Chorus: Wyatt Counterman & Anna Stowell]
Oh, even when hell grows cold
Even when I grow old
I will be waiting
Never gonna shake me, never gonna shake me

I've been dreaming about you
And I've been thinking about you
And I've been thinking about us
And I've been thinking about the
The way that you look and
The way that you talk and
The way that you move and
The way that you make me feel
It's so surreal
So surreal
You're stuck with me and I hope I'm stuck with you


Hey baby can I make your day
Just let me know I’ll try any way
I’ll be much better than the best and if you’re
Feeling like a mess I’ll make you
Remember you’re blessed so that you
Finally get some rest and now I
Wanna come over please don’t make me leave
Ten out of ten you’re the best that I’ve seen
You look like you sprung up right out of my dream
Always believe me when I make you see
You are the best and the best is for me

Oh, even when hell grows cold
Even when I grow old
I will be waiting
Never gonna shake me, never gonna shake me
No, no one's gonna hold me down
I will always be around
I'll be there for you
Never ignore you, never ignore you
Track Name: Birthday
It kinda feels like my birthday
Like everything can go my way

Light from the sun
Falls on my eyes
I feel so free
Feel so alive
Is gonna be okay
(Now I know, now I know)
The past will heal
It'll be okay

[Hook] x2

The grass today seems a little greener than usual
But you can call me crazy maybe I'm just delusional
Met a nice girl and the feelings were mutual
It's a nice world I'd even say it was beautiful
Forget my boss, forget my teachers and my enemies
Forget the people here just trying to get ahead of me
Forget my life and all the dumb responsibilities
Forget the stress and pain cause you know it's just killing me
Birthday cake, birthday presents
Help me forget the worst day ever
I put all that behind me like the shadow when I walk
So you can try to yell and me but all I hear is talk
Never look back, never look down
Had a bad day? Well I'll flip it around
It's nice to avoid all the sticks and the stones
So that I don't end up with mad broken bones
It's so easy when you forget
All the trouble and heartache that you're dealing with
If you listen to this and remember to take
Every day like your birthday it's easy as cake (woo)

[Hook] x2

Light another candle on the cake, on the cake
Never let yourself make a mistake, a mistake
Track Name: Life Alone at Sea
Cannons fired as the ship went down
The wind, the waves, the crashing sound
Like lightning in a thunderstorm
Every time it rains it pours
I watched you sail away from me
You took away the power to speak
I sank to the ocean floor
Please don't leave for evermore

I gave you everything
You threw it in my face
And now I'm left to sing
Alone and out of place

I would have been the best
A man could hope to be
But now there's nothing left
Life alone at sea

Sinking and floating
And wishing and hoping
And praying and crying
And lying, lying
To your friends when they ask you
If you're feeling alright
When you know deep inside you
Won't be sleeping tonight

I gave you everything
You threw it in my face
And now I'm left to sing
Alone and out of place


In my life, I see you all around me
You all around me oh


These past few years have been nothing but trouble
I give you attention but you wanting double
I roll around like my life's in flames
And you stand there with water just to watch my pain
I sacrificed everything to keep you satisfied
But you divorced me like you was the baddest wife
I kissed your feet while you sharpened your battle knife
And bowed my head while you took your sacrifice
You think I'm kidding but I'm all to serious
Delirious? No, just a little bit curious
Of all the false hope and the resulting worries
It drove you away, (vroom) Fast and Furious